Responsive sites used to be a novelty. But now, if you’re not doing mobile well, you’re probably falling behind. People are turning to their phones for entertainment, shopping and more. Not convinced that we’re reaching peak mobile? Consider the numbers:

  • It’s estimated that 70 to 80 percent of email users are expected to access their email via mobile device by the end of this year.
  • Mobile now accounts for a larger portion of digital advertising than desktop and by 2019 will account for nearly 63 percent of internet expenditure.
  • Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular mobile social networking apps, with around 169 million and 117 million monthly users, respectively.

With those stats, it’s not hard to see why mobile conversions have become a coveted commodity. So what can you do to increase your conversion rate?

  • Optimize your apps. You’ve heard of search engine optimization, but what about app store optimization (ASO)? Optimizing app titles and descriptions can help attract clients and get more downloads and conversions.
  • Create a full mobile web experience. Conversion rates tend to be lower for brands that focus heavily on mobile applications with little respect for the mobile website experience. Mobile users are less likely to recommend a business with a poorly designed or nonresponsive mobile website.
  • Include a strong CTA. CTA buttons should be easy to spot and click. Text should be creative, concise and promote a definite action. And don’t forget to deliver on whatever you’ve promised the user.
  • Revamp your emails. Emails that fail to display correctly on mobile are more likely to be deleted. Since mobile accounts for a large portion of all email opens, a poorly optimized email puts a lot of potential conversions at risk.

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