Brand ambassadors aren’t the same as social media influencers. They didn’t create their accounts with product endorsements in mind. They’re just loyal, everyday clients who, with a little added incentive, are happy to promote your products and services to their friends and family, both online and off.

How Powerful Are Brand Ambassadors?

Real-life clients wield the type of influence sales reps can only dream of — 83 percent of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family.

How Can They Benefit Your Business?

As an extension of the company, brand ambassadors provide:

  • Positive word of mouth about your product or service.
  • Customer service for both existing clients and prospects.
  • Damage control in response to negative online reviews.
  • Additional web traffic via blogging, offline recommendations and social sharing.
  • Cost-effective access to an audience you might not otherwise reach.

How Do You Find Brand Ambassadors?

Start with your existing social media following. Find out who would be interested in becoming brand ambassadors and what would motivate them. Use their suggestions to create a goal-driven, brand-specific tiered rewards program.

Tiers allow more potential ambassadors to join the program, with higher-value rewards going to top performers. Brand-specific promotional items, such as sunglasses and T-shirts, help advertise your business and your rewards program.

How Do You Keep Them Engaged?

Once the program is underway, keep a clear channel of communication open. Reach out to your ambassadors with personalized content. Keep them updated and feature top performers. Most importantly, ask for feedback. Ambassadors communicate with your audience on a personal level and can provide insight a sales rep cannot.

Keep brand ambassadors in the loop, show your appreciation and give them the tools they need to better promote your brand. Always make them feel like part of the team and that’s exactly what they’ll become.