Here is How to Write a Great CTA Every Time

What makes a call to action (CTA) great? Is it the language, length or design? Actually, it’s a combination of all three — plus a few secret ingredients. If you want to write more effective CTAs, this easy, step-by-step checklist is for you.

1. Determine your goals. 

How would you like users to engage with your brand? Do you want to get email sign-ups, purchases or social shares? Once you’ve pinpointed your user engagement goals, it’s time to write.

2. Use a consistent voice.

Always use language that is clear and consistent. You want to use your brand voice to reach the user on an emotional level (FOMO, excitement, hope or a sense of urgency). Remember: People are savvy, so you always want to convince, not try to deceive the reader.

3. Think about design.

The copy for your CTA button or text link should be fairly short and concise. In terms of design, your button should be prominent but not large and desperate. For improved visual appeal, embrace the use of white space.

4. Plan your strategy. 

Timing is everything. Play around with your CTA placement, then test and adjust accordingly. You could place a static button or link partway down the page offering helpful information in a nonintrusive way. Then, use a pop-up CTA button when the user is about 60% through — and likely ready for your message.

5. Testing 1, 2, 3. 

Ideally, you’ll be A/B testing regularly. Even if you’ve nailed the winning formula, always stay nimble. Change the color, size or position and note any upticks (or drops) in performance, and fine-tune as needed.

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