Video may not be new, but its creation, consumption and reach continue to grow at a significant rate. Here’s a look at a few insightful statistics, as well as tips for using video to your advantage.

By the Numbers

  • Watching video accounts for one-third of all online activity, with the average user seeing approximately 32 videos per month.
  • Ninety percent of consumers consider product videos helpful in making purchasing decisions, and 40 percent say it increases their chances of making a purchase via their mobile device.
  • Companies that use video enjoy 41 percent more web traffic than those that don’t, and video has been shown to increase organic search traffic by 157 percent.
  • Video on social media generates 1200 percent more shares than both images and text combined.

Video Content Strategy

Now that you see how useful video can be, it’s time to establish a game plan. Start with the following tips:

Set Goals

Create videos with purpose, and strive to add value by entertaining, inspiring or educating. When your videos strike a chord, your audience will remember and share.

Explore Your Options

Video can be approached in a number of effective ways, depending on the circumstances. For example, use 360-degree video for virtual tours and product demos. Statistics show these result in 28.81 percent more views than the same content in standard video format.

Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet

More than half of users access the internet solely via mobile devices, and 90 percent of Twitter videos are watched on them as well. To appeal to viewers, make your content quick and easy to consume.

Add Videos to Your Website and Social Media

Video on a home page can increase conversions by more than 20 percent, and adding video to landing pages can boost conversions by 80 percent or more. Facebook posts with videos are liked and shared more than posts with just images or text.