Ideas for Better Experiential Marketing

With so many social media channels and no shortage of competitive content available, grabbing consumers’ attention isn’t always easy. To cut through the static, you have to find new and exciting ways to provide a share-worthy experience.

Experiential marketing could provide the competitive edge you need.

Convergence conferences like South by Southwest (SXSW) have become an important platform for marketers looking to gain exposure for their brands and are a hotbed for experiential inspiration. At SXSW 2018, Beautyrest set up 150 beds and hosted an eight-hour slumber party orchestrated by composer Max Richter — creating tons of post-event buzz and proving that even unexpected brands can make a big impact.

But you don’t need to devise an elaborate plot.

Community-driven and personalized experiences work just as well. Think about connecting your brand with an eco-friendly cause or solving a problem in the community. Even smaller conferences offer an opportunity to break from the status quo with the added benefit of a captive audience.

Use social media to your advantage.

Once you have a plan, start using social media immediately to build some buzz. Likewise, social can draw even more attention to your brand during the live event. Encourage participants to create stories and share photos using branded hashtags across channels, especially Instagram and Twitter.

It’s all about creating an experience worth talking about.

The more successful you are at bringing your brand to life in the real world, the more real-world followers will engage and support you. So start creating experiences your followers won’t want to miss.

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