You really couldn’t ask for better marketing channels than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Of course, even the best platforms require a well-planned marketing strategy. So how can you boost your social presence and gain a larger following? Here are a few best practices.

Engage Your Followers

Don’t think of social media as a tool for self-promotion; that’s a surefire way to lose followers. Instead, think of it as a means to improve engagement. Get to know your target market and create or promote content that’s entertaining and useful.

Not sure what your audience wants? Listen to them. Monitor your social media channels for direct and indirect mentions of your brand and industry. Social monitoring can be easily automated; just be sure an actual person responds to questions and comments.

Expand Your Audience

Valuable content is shareable content. But you want to make it as easy as possible to share. Strategically place social sharing buttons on your blog, website, social profiles and email newsletters, and use tracking URLs to see which content and channels are generating the most traffic.

Promote your content using highly targeted social media advertising campaigns. For example, you can use Facebook Ads to reach a specific audience based on web behavior or promote a particular post to ensure more of your current followers see your content. Twitter is a great way to get customer feedback and LinkedIn is an excellent way to reach business leads.

Stay Top of Mind

For some businesses, the trickiest part of each social media platform is knowing how often to post. Some experts recommend posting to Facebook and LinkedIn once per day, tweeting up to 10 times per day and posting to Instagram once or twice per day.

Social Media Marketing Services

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