Still skeptical about the cloud? You shouldn’t be. Embracing the cloud means flexibility, security and savings. Most organizations are now using cloud-based services in some form, and if you want to keep up, you need to join them.

Here are five reasons why moving to the cloud is beneficial for your business.

1. Savings
Operating in the cloud eliminates expenses associated with physical data storage and maintenance. You won’t need hardware or a dedicated IT solution to support it, and since it’s a scalable solution, you only pay for what you use.

2. Collaboration
Everyone can access cloud-based documents simultaneously and make changes in real time. No more time-consuming, back-and-forth conversations to ensure that team members are all working from the latest version.

3. Mobility
Since employees can access your data on any device with an internet connection, they can work from just about anywhere, including home. Work no longer requires traveling to the office, making it easier to be productive and create a more satisfying work-life balance.

4. Security
Did you know that 72 percent of all cyberthreats are now aimed at small businesses? Cloud providers have made huge investments in securing infrastructure to ensure the integrity of your data. If a device is misplaced or stolen, all is not lost.

5. Disaster Recovery
If you have everything stored in-house, a flood, fire or earthquake could put your business at risk and set you back severely in the long term. But when your business is in the cloud, your data remains safe and retrievable, even if your building crumbles.

Cloud-based solutions aren’t the wave of the future — they’re the standard of today. Secure your data in the cloud and give your team the tools they need to remain competitive in your industry.