How to Increase Email Subscribers

Email marketing may seem like yesterday’s news, but it continues to generate impressive returns on investment (ROI). In fact, U.S. businesses see an average 4,300 percent ROI on email marketing. Learning why it works so well can help you increase your subscriber list.

The Email Advantage

Email marketing provides a direct line of communication to your audience. It works differently than social media marketing, where platform algorithms limit your reach and posts are often lost in a hectic news feed. That’s likely why email is 40 times more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter.

Email is also highly customizable. Personalized email subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened, and segmented campaigns can increase revenue by 760 percent. Plus, email is the perfect tool for nurturing customer relationships, building long-term loyalty and driving web traffic.

Developing a Strong Email List

The bigger the email list, the greater the reach. But don’t get ahead of yourself. When building your list of contacts, it’s important to focus on quality and relevance first and let the volume grow organically. Here are a few tips:

  • Start with the clients you have on file.
  • Create content that appeals to your contacts and can be leveraged online, including your blog, website and social media.
  • Use email forwarding and social sharing buttons so subscribers and followers can easily share your content.
  • Resist the urge to purchase email lists. While it’s an easy way to build volume, it reduces list quality and can land your emails directly in spam folders.

Aim to create compelling content that goes to a well-curated contact list. It’s your best bet for effective email marketing.