PPC Management Services

PPC Managment Services

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are extremely effective for driving traffic to your website. Our PPC experts will determine the best keywords for targeting and create effective ads that attract attention and amplify your brand messaging. We will make sure your reach your marketing goals and get a solid return on investment.

All Our PPC Management Packages Include:

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Campaign Setup & Ad Creation

  • Keyword Bid Management

  • Campaign Performance Monitoring

  • Monthly Reporting

PPC Management Packages


  • Google Ads Budget = $500


  • Google Ads Budget = $1000
  • + Retargeting


  • Google Ads Budget = $2000
  • + Retargeting & Display Network


  • Google Ads Budget = $3000
  • + Retargeting & Display Network


  • Google Ads Budget = $4000
  • + Retargeting & Display Network


  • Google Ads Budget = $5000
  • + Retargeting & Display Network
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*Add a Bing Ads Plan to your Google Ads Plan and Get 50% Off the Management Fees for the 2nd Account.

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PPC Management Features

  • A dedicated PPC specialist will be assigned to your account that will create, manage and monitor your campaign on your behalf.
  • Extensive research at the beginning of your campaign allows us to best understand your goals and develop a strategy to use the most effective keywords and ad text for your business.
  • We utilize multiple platforms to achieve the goals of our clients. Depending on your budget and target audience, we will implement campaigns in search, display network and re-marketing.
  • We utilize the best ad extensions and latest techniques to boost the performance of your campaign and attract the most targeted visitors to your site.
  • We continuously monitor and update your campaigns constantly to increase performance and cost savings.

PPC Frequently Asked Questions

Will it ensure sales and leads to our business?

  • No. Just like any type of advertising, Google AdWords can never guarantee any sure sales or customers.
  • Once your ads are posted on Google Search we can no longer control the decision of your potential customers. The most that we can do is target the right people at the right time. And the rest is upon their discretion.

Why do I need PPC when I have SEO?

  • Any SEO campaign done in a safe, organic way will take some time to rank. A business could utilize PPC to advertise on the search page for the same keywords while the SEO campaign is still gaining momentum.
  • PPC is also useful if you want to maximize the search page. There are different businesses located on the search page. To fully maximize it, use PPC.
  • Finally, while it is impossible to rank for a competitor’s brand organically, this is common practice in an AdWords campaign.

Can I do PPC without SEO?

  • Yes, as PPC is not SEO dependent. It does not rely on Google search algorithms. It’s an advertising campaign that takes advantage of Google’s nature as a search engine.
  • Unlike SEO, PPC will never generate free traffic because Google is ranking you based on your ad spend and not the quality of your site.  SEO is an investment in the quality of your site and not just an investment in gaining organic rankings.

Can I target my competitor’s keywords?

  • Yes. With PPC, you can target the competitor’s keywords. Unlike with SEO, you’re limited to the keywords on your website. Targeting your competitor’s keywords is ideal for new businesses because you want to target people who are looking for the same business as yours or have the same type of service.

Are landing pages always recommended, or can I just use my homepage?

  • A great landing page is critical for any PPC campaign to be effective. People clicking on your PPC ads are more likely to have a strong purchase intent compared to general browsers, that’s why the landing page needs to be optimized to meet their expectations.
  • We offer free landing page analysis along with our proposal, and landing page optimization and setup for an extra fee.

Do I have access to the PPC Campaign that you are going to create?

  • Yes. We offer transparency compared to other agencies to assure that you are getting the right data and you can see the performance of the campaign anytime you want.
PPC Management Frequently Asked Questions
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