With all the talk about eye-catching visual content, the importance of audio is often overlooked. But in a multitasking world where consumers are constantly on the go, audio is a viable and mobile-friendly addition to any marketing, advertising or branding campaign.

How Audio Works for You

Where visual content relies on users being glued to a screen, audio can be consumed passively while your audience does other things. In fact, 69 percent of podcast listeners engage with content while on the move.

Audio also creates a sense of intimacy that increases value and motivates listeners to share their experience. This connection is so strong that 96 percent of listeners say they’ve recommended a podcast to a friend.

Creating Your Own Podcasts

Each episode should be targeted, valuable content with high-quality sound. Not sure what to discuss? Consider hot industry topics from a position of thought leadership, responding to clients’ questions or speaking to guests who can provide fresh insight to your audience.

Other Ways to Leverage Audio

  • Advertise on podcasts your audience already listens to or sponsor entire segments dedicated to your products and services.
  • Make audio a part of your branding. Sixty percent of consumers feel that music is more memorable than visuals, 47 percent think music helps them connect with a brand and 45 percent say music helps them better understand a brand’s personality.
  • Create fun playlists for holidays, promotions or an event.

If you’re still not sure about audio, consider this: Instagram Stories recently gave users the ability to share audio snippets from Spotify, and Facebook Stories will soon launch a voice message feature.

If audio is already proving its worth, isn’t it time to add your voice?