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About Matt Cotten

Matt Cotten has over 20 years of website design, ecommerce and internet marketing experience. Having worked in the corporate world and running his own business, Matt understands it takes a multifaceted approach to make a business successful online. Preferring a creative approach to solving problems, he prefers to see proven results before implementing trending technologies.

Having been a website designer and ecommerce expert for many years, Matt foresaw that the internet was changing and that businesses needed more comprehensive marketing services to compete in the global marketplace. So like any other online business, Matt Cotten & Associates needed to evolve and provide a full service digital marketing solution.

“My clients were getting frustrated that they were not able to find all the services they needed for their online business. Your website is just the starting point. Search engine optimization has become more competitive, online advertising more expensive and social media marketing results are not guaranteed. There really is a need for a digital marketing agency that can bring all these services together and provide an integrated solution that businesses can afford.”

Digital Marketing Agency

An Expert Team

Matt Cotten & Associates has assembled a team of experts that provide a variety of essential digital marketing solutions at a cost that businesses of all sizes can implement. Clients can select just a single service but the effectiveness and costs savings are more realized when we are managing the core digital marketing campaigns of our clients.

“We are really excited to take something as complicated as digital marketing and create simplified service packages that are customized around our clients’ needs. Our agency provides enterprise level service with boutique agency pricing.”

Please feel free to explore our Digital Marketing Services. You can also Request a Quote for a customized service package for your business or Contact Us with any questions you might have.

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