Take a look at the latest digital trends in marketing and beyond.

Evolving technology is changing consumer behavior and in turn, digital marketing strategies.

Understandably, privacy and security remain key concerns for customers. And new digital marketing tools can help you respond to consumer demands.

Want to find out more about the latest digital practices? Read on for five trends shaping business and marketing in 2020 and beyond.

1. Geographic Optimization

Optimizing marketing campaigns and websites using location-specific keywords is a tried-and-true practice, but the proliferation of mobile devices has made it possible to identify potential customers with pinpoint accuracy. For example, geofencing around a company’s location and excluding search results from where target audiences aren’t present can generate interest among highly relevant audiences.

2. Consumer Payments 

Digital payments are becoming more commonplace and more convenient, whether it’s B2B, B2C or C2C. And fintech is keeping pace thanks to tokenization, a technology that offers a smooth and secure payment method for applications and e-commerce platforms. If applicable, highlight your company’s technology.

3. Private Messaging

Consumers adopting private messaging may seem like a black box for information, but marketers can still gain valuable insights from content shared on platforms like WhatsApp. Trackable links and shareable content can be created to keep users engaged and hopefully turn readers into paying customers.

4. Data Security and Trust

Data allows companies to make powerful decisions, but users want control over their private information. Increased security measures and a commitment to data integrity can help restore trust among skeptical consumers.

5. Intelligent Martech

Today’s marketing technology leverages AI to automate common tasks, freeing up valuable resources and human capital. The next leap forward is AI-driven collaboration software, placing tools to streamline project management and increase productivity at the fingertips of digital marketers.

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