Your email marketing strategy may not be broken, exactly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Ready for a change? Here are five ways to boost your online efforts so you can strengthen your brand and expand your reach.

1. Personalized Emails

Using tokens that draw information from your subscriber data, you can make your emails a little warmer by calling the recipient by name or referring to their industry, job title or location. This data might be collected using gated content or through webinar registration forms and will help improve email open and click-thru rates.

2. List Segmentation

This makes it possible to send the right message at the right time. You can segment any way you like — demographics, industry, past behavior — but following the sales journey puts you in tune with a recipient’s current needs.

3. Mobile-Friendly Email Templates

Optimizing for mobile is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. That means having responsive design, easy-to-read text, images that will load quickly and CTAs that are easy to see and click.

4. A/B Split Testing

Testing allows you to compare options and make better choices. For example, you could send the same email to two segments of your list, with each segment receiving a different subject line, then compare the open rates. This strategy can be used to test anything from CTA effectiveness to the best day and time to send emails.

5. Email Preference Centers

It’s important to allow subscribers to control what they see and how often. The result is an improved experience for the recipient, enhanced inbox engagement, fewer spam reports, and improved deliverability and sender reputation.

Creative email marketing can help you reach a wider audience and convert more sales. How will you improve your strategy this year?