Content marketing is evolving. If you’re not prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly, you could lose your competitive advantage. With that in mind, here are four content marketing trends you’ll want to embrace in 2018:

1. Content will inform every stage of the buyer’s journey.

When done right, a comprehensive content strategy not only helps draw clients into the sales funnel but also guides them gently toward conversion. This requires thoughtful, purpose-driven content that’s designed to propel the client forward — and build brand loyalty along the way.

2. Hiring writers will no longer be enough.

Written content (like blogs, white papers, emails and social media) is only part of the equation. To implement the type of broad content marketing strategy required in 2018, you need a team with diverse talents and skills, including:

  • Audio and video production and editing
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Content optimization across multiple formats
  • Campaign management, analysis and reporting

3. Honesty and transparency are more important than ever.

Try to present brand advertising as anything other than what it is and you’re going to lose the trust of your audience. Instead, focus on creating ads with a sincere message, one that provides value and builds trust inherently. This same strategy should hold true if you’re working with social media influencers.

4. Clients will become sought-after brand advocates.

While the endorsements of celebrities and influencers will still carry weight, it’s time to focus on creating vocal brand ambassadors from your existing client base. Research has shown that audiences love recommendations from people they know and trust, so user-generated content, video testimonials and actual stories should be woven into the fabric of your content marketing strategy.

Now that you know what’s hot in 2018, are you ready to evolve your content marketing strategy?

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