What is the best way to build a brand across platforms?

Nobody said building a brand was simple. And now you’re dealing with more moving parts than ever. Customers are finding and engaging with companies on their website, social media profiles and other marketing platforms.

The brands that succeed find a way to keep all of these different streams cohesive and interesting.

Here are four surefire ways to keep your brand consistent and boost your influence:

1. Know Your Customer

Who is your target audience? How are they engaging with your business? What content do they respond to? These insights can help you develop the right voice so that your brand is engaging no matter where customers find it.

Tip: Creating buyer personas or performing research can be effective ways to learn more about your customers.

2. Confirm Your Brand’s Mission

Once you know your audience, it’s time to meet their needs. Ask yourself: What problems do we solve for our customers? What is our organization’s broader purpose?

Tip: Keep your mission simple. This will give your mission clarity and keep you from getting bogged down in the details.

3. Pick a Brand Voice

Your brand’s voice should align with your organization, and it should be consistent. Your message will be more powerful and persuasive if it’s recognizable across multiple touchpoints.

Tip: If you send emails that are positive and aspirational, keeping the same optimistic voice and tone on your website makes it easier to create a meaningful connection.

4. Have a Thorough Style Guide

To keep your voice consistent, create a list of rules to follow when writing as your brand, including how this applies across platforms.

Tip: Focus on details. For instance, maybe grammar and punctuation are strict on your blog but more relaxed on Twitter and TikTok.

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